2024 Audi Q8 and SQ8 Revamp

The Audi Q8 and SQ8 are two of the most popular luxury car models on the market. They’re both comfortable and sporty. They also come with some unique features that you won’t find on other vehicles. Read on to learn about what these cars offer and how they compare to their competition.

Interior design

Audi has announced a major refresh for the 2024 model year for both the Q8 and SQ8. The facelift includes a redesigned grille, air dams, rear diffuser, and a single-frame mask for the B-pillar. The grille’s lower fascia features stacked bars that mirror the corners of the headlights.

The interior design is unchanged. The seats are still leather, with a variety of trim options. The center section rises slightly as it reaches the instrument cluster, making it easier to reach the dual screens. A monochromatic color palette makes up the rest of the interior. The dashboard is made of light brown walnut wood, and the steering wheel is perforated.

The cabin features sustainable technical materials, including PET bottles and recycled carpeting. The seatbelt buckle covers are made from mixed automotive plastic waste. The entire production process is said to be carbon neutral.

Recycled materials

The Audi Q8 and SQ8 will have recycled materials used in their interiors. According to the company, the process for converting the material into parts is carbon neutral. This process is based on the same quality standards as new parts.

This recycling process will help lower the cost of production. It will also allow the company to use a wider range of materials in the cabin. Some of the materials used include microfiber made from plastic bottles and used textiles, and fibers from fiber residue. The seatbelt buckle covers, carpeting and decorative cabin trim are all made from recycled materials.

The cabin is adorned with light brown walnut wood. There are also seats that feature perforated leather upholstery with contrast stitching. The leather seats can be ordered with a massage function. The front and rear seats can be heated and cooled. The four-zone climate control package is also available.


The Audi Q8 and SQ8 are getting new electric motors for 2024. Both will get an upgrade in efficiency, range, and power. These upgrades will increase the total horsepower of the vehicles to 496, which is enough to reach 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds.

The new Q8 E-Tron will be equipped with a 114-kWh battery pack that replaces the 95-kwh pack. This bigger battery can increase the SUV’s range by 30%. Compared to the old model, the battery pack will be 22 percent more powerful, and will have a higher coefficient of drag. It also includes an underbody spoiler that guides airflow across the wheels.

The new Q8 e-tron uses two electric motors. One will be used for cruising, and the other will provide extra torque when needed. The rear motor is also optimized for better efficiency. This new motor is made of 14 stator windings. This allows it to create a larger electromagnetic field, which will boost torque output.


Audi has given the Q8 and SQ8 range a major boost for the 2024 model year. These two crossovers will have new batteries, revised electric motors, and improved charging capabilities. The SQ8 will also get an additional motor, which increases the overall power of the SUV by 300 pounds.

Audi has said the batteries have been increased to a new 114 kilowatt-hour capacity, which can be charged to 80 per cent in 31 minutes. The new battery has more energy density and can improve the vehicle’s range by 30 percent.

The e-tron will be available in two models. The Sportback model will have a coupe-like design, while the SQ8 will have all-wheel drive. The Sportback will have an estimated range of up to 343 miles.


Audi will be replacing its current Q8 and SQ8 SUVs with new electric models called Q8 and SQ8 e-tron for the 2024 model year. These new SUVs will be in an SUV body style, with improved range and better aerodynamics.

Audi has given the SQ8 e-tron a bump in horsepower, a higher torque rating, and a more powerful rear motor. The new battery pack is larger, which will allow for more range. It’s estimated that the new Q8 and SQ8 e-tron will be able to cover 307 to 373 miles.

The Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron will open order books later this month. The starting MSRP is expected to be around $75,000 in the U.S. and Canada.

The SQ8 e-tron will be offered in a number of different versions. The base Q8 50 e-tron will be powered by two electric motors, producing a total of 335 horsepower. The Sportback has two electric motors, with a combined horsepower rating of 402. The SQ8 will have an additional electric motor, allowing it to reach a combined rating of 496 horsepower.

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