A Review of the Latest Electric Vehicles on the Market

With the growing electric vehicle market comes an array of choices that may make it difficult to decide which one best meets your needs.

When shopping for an electric vehicle (EV), two key metrics to consider are MPGe and range. We’ve outlined the top EVs in each category to help you make a more informed decision.

Jaguar I-Pace

The Jaguar I-Pace is an impressive family SUV with top specs and an impressive range. Plus, it’s one of the most enjoyable electric vehicles to drive!

There are four trim levels, starting with the entry-level S which offers plenty of luxury and tech. Upgrading to an SE or HSE brings even greater luxury in the cabin as well as additional features.

Kia e-Niro

The Kia e-Niro is the latest car from South Korean automaker Kia, offering a practical and economical choice for those searching for a fully electric vehicle.

Kia’s electric vehicle lineup offers an attractive, well-rounded and accessible choice that appeals to many. Furthermore, this model stands as testament to their commitment to going green.

Audi e-tron GT

The Audi e-tron GT is one of the newest electric vehicles on the market. It boasts impressive performance while providing a comfortable driving experience.

Air suspension provides a comfortable ride, taking on bumps while keeping the body securely in place without feeling floppy or loose. This makes for an excellent option when taking long road trips.

Porsche Taycan

The Porsche Taycan is one of the most captivating and distinctive electric cars on the market. Its stunning design pays homage to classic Porsche models while providing drivers with a similar driving experience as its petrol-powered counterpart.

The Taycan is available in 10 trim levels, from base to the performance Turbo S model. Prices start from around $100,000.

BMW i4

The BMW i4 is an exceptional electric vehicle that seamlessly combines BMW’s legendary ride and handling with an advanced electric powertrain. It’s both fun to drive and incredibly efficient at the same time!

The car has an EPA-rated range of up to 301 miles and can be recharged from a home charging station within eight hours.

Mercedes-Benz EQS

For luxury and technology in an electric vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz EQS is worth considering. It’s one of the top models on the market and gives EV front runners Lucid Air and Tesla Model 3 a run for their money.

The EQS offers plenty of luxury features, from Burmester surround sound to a head-up display that superimposes navigation arrows and street names onto the road ahead. Furthermore, the Executive Rear Seat package adds reclining rear seats with massage functions and neck heating for extra comfort.

Lucid Air

Lucid Air is an electric vehicle from a startup. It’s a sleek and powerful saloon that hopes to revolutionize the EV market.

Its large battery and powerful motors were engineered in-house, giving it more range than any other electric vehicle on the market. The top-level Grand Touring model can travel up to 516 miles on a charge.

Ford F-150 Lightning

The Ford F-150 Lightning is the latest entry into the electric vehicle market and an intriguing truck. It offers a unique perspective on electrics with many practical features not found elsewhere.

For one, it features a large lockable trunk to store tools and groceries. Furthermore, it supports vehicle-to-home charging – ideal for those living in areas prone to power outages.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s Model 3 has become one of its most successful cars, thanks to its affordability and range. It makes an ideal choice for people who need to commute around town or travel long distances due to Tesla’s network of Supercharger stations that provide quick charging over short distances.

Driving this car can be quite enjoyable, with its sharp handling and quick acceleration. While it may not be the most exciting electric vehicle available, its combination of performance and efficiency makes for a compelling package.

Tesla Model Y Long Range

The Model Y Long Range is an attractive option for electric SUV buyers due to its impressive range and Tesla’s Supercharger network. Plus, it comes equipped with plenty of safety features like Autopilot.

Model Y models boast a Long Range capability of traveling 330 miles on a single charge, while their Performance counterpart can cover 303 miles with the same amount of energy.

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