Top 5 Screen-Free Road Trip Ideas

Road trips provide an ideal opportunity to disengage kids and teens from electronic devices, so here are some screen-free road trip ideas to ensure you all have an unforgettable vacation!

Give each child a notebook as part of their travel journal for this trip. They can record interesting roadside attractions, animal encounters, tasty meals and other memories from their vacation in it!

Map Fun

Road trips provide children with an ideal way to learn geography. Road trips provide the chance for children to identify mountain ranges, rivers and landmarks such as schools or Grandma’s house – not to mention all kinds of other geographical features and landmarks that help teach kids where things are located on Earth.

CalcMaps makes it easy to find distance between you and any location by providing both your current location and desired number of miles to drive. Simply enter an address of an intended destination to see what lies within driving distance – including restaurants, museums, parks or any other points of interest that might interest you.

If you’re planning a road trip across America, check out this itinerary from blogger Tracy Staedter. She’s selected her top choices for amazing beaches, stunning national parks, and unique attractions like Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico.

Scavenger Hunts

Travel is an opportunity to form stronger bonds within teams and foster camaraderie among group members, and road trips offer the perfect setting to do just that. One effective strategy for doing this is organizing a scavenger hunt tailored specifically to the group’s needs and interests; for instance, visiting a college might require teams to find three fraternity houses or take photos of students studying in its library.

Scavenger hunts can be found everywhere from parks and neighborhoods to indoor malls and restaurants, plus apps like GooseChase, Scavify and Huntzz that provide pre-made hunts with routes and clues – as well as tools that allow users to customize riddles and puzzles that’ll keep participants entertained! You could even make your list time limited so as to offer prizes to the team who finishes first!

Photo Diary

Your time on vacation won’t allow for you to document every detail, but even small moments can add an intriguing perspective and tell an engaging tale. Capture coffee dates with friends, window views of your hotel room or candid images of everyone lounging together at an Airbnb.

Bonjournal makes photo journaling easy on any road trip, enabling you to upload pictures directly from your phone and add text comments – an ideal option for groups and families traveling together as they can create separate pages for each person sharing memories or sending personal messages – then compile these pages into one book for easy recall of every day’s adventure!

License Plate Game

One of the iconic road trip games, license plate bingo is an effective way to pass time while keeping everyone safe on the road. Competitive versions may challenge players to locate license plates from each state before their opponents do.

This game can also be enjoyed cooperatively. Everyone will work to identify as many states within a certain time limit to win; those who spot more plates than anyone else win!

Downloading Plate Spot, a free app designed specifically for car games, will prove to be fun car fun! With 50 states listed and multiple countries added as potential stops, as well as features to count the states spotted and different colored markers to denote those found versus those still unspotted, this game makes driving even more engaging!


If you plan to do a lot of driving, snacks will keep everyone content and satisfied during the journey. These convenient snack packs fit easily into car cup holders without becoming disintegrated during transit.

Bagel chips offer a delicious and healthy alternative to traditional potato chips, and you can customize their flavor as desired. From smokey-savory with some BBQ seasoning sprinkled on, or sweet and cinnamon spiced for an irresistibly delicious snack on-the-go, bagel chips offer something tasty that everyone will enjoy eating!

Low-moisture string cheese is an easy, quick snack that both children and adults can enjoy. Check out this variety pack with various flavors so everyone can find their ideal match.

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